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eCall: The Emergency Service That Saves Lives

Immediate Assistance in Your Language, Wherever You Travel in Europe

Every year in Europe, more than 20,000 people lose their lives in road accidents. According to Eurostat, approximately three-quarters of these accidents involve men, with the highest number of deaths occurring in the 25-49 age group. Additionally, Greece ranks 6th on the list with over 10,000 road accidents annually and more than 600 fatalities, according to ELSTAT data. The majority of fatal road accidents occur during the summer months, with Friday standing out as the most dangerous day of the week.

Tourists in Greece are 25% more likely to be involved in a car accident, compared to locals. The World Health Organization recognizes road accidents as the 2nd leading cause of death for international travelers. According to the organization Make Roads Safe Hellas, tourists face additional risk factors such as lack of knowledge of the local road network and traffic rules, inadequate driving skills under unfamiliar conditions, distractions and fatigue.

Death rates in road traffic accidents

The study of the EU Strategic Plan for Road Safety 2020-2030 recognizes the high risk of road accidents and proposes strategies to address them. The European Commission has adopted measures to increase road safety, with the main one being the introduction of 112, the European emergency number. G4S Telematix, through its network of partners throughout Europe, provides private eCall services on behalf of major car manufacturers, managing life threatening incidents that require immediate intervention. 

The 24/7 G4S Telematix Control Tower applies the highest security standards and advanced technological solutions. It has certified and highly trained staff, operates continuously, and is fully equipped to meet any need. In the event of a traffic accident, the eCall system automatically opens a communication channel between the driver and the Control Tower. At the same time, it provides a detailed report on the vehicle data, its location, and the time of the accident. Certified G4S Telematix centers throughout Europe evaluate and utilize the data, share it with 112, guide the local authorities, and as they are in constant communication with the driver, provide counseling and psychological support.

As part of G4S Telematix's Automotive Connected Services, eCall emergency assistance is offered in the driver's own language. As a project of great complexity and high demands, it requires instant and accurate intervention, in order to achieve the successful coordination of national and European authorities, thus saving human lives. From prevention to immediate response, G4S Telematix works passionately by combining knowledge, experience, and technology, therefore enhancing road safety for drivers and passengers.

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