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WithU Car

In today's world, cars are more than just a way to get around. They're an essential part of our daily lives and a symbol of our independence.


Give your car the best protection with the WithU Car system.

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Why choose WithU Car?


24/7 Security Operations Center


Recovery in case of theft


Driver Recognition System


Notification of vandalism


Evaluation of driving behavior

The Ultimate Solution for the Protection of your Car

G4S Telematix offers the complete solution for the tracking and protection of your car, with minimal intervention in its systems. With the WithU Car service, you receive immediate notifications in case of an unauthorized driver, towing or vandalism, as well as immediate support for its recovery in case of theft. WithU Car has the ability to be connected to an alarm system, remote immobilization, or panic button, so that you may always feel safe on every journey. The G4S 24/7 Security Operations Center receives and evaluates all notifications, ensuring the security and protection of the vehicle, as well as yours. In case of emergency, it communicates with the competent authorities and manages the incident until the vehicle is recovered.

Solution Components

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GPS Tracker

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24/7 SOC

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Mobile App

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24/7 supervision from our Security Operations Center
Our highly trained Security Operations Center provides you continuous monitoring, ensuring the support and assistance you need in the event of an emergency. From theft prevention to immediate intervention and incident management, we ensure the safety of your car, at all times.

Tracking in case of theft
With continuous monitoring and instant notifications, we ensure drastic reduction of the risk of theft of your car. In case of theft, WithU Car offers immediate detection, while our Security Operations Center cooperates with the authorities for intervention and recovery.

Driver Recognition System with ID Tag

The driver recognition feature is a vital element for the security and protection of your vehicle. This innovative feature allows the system to recognize the driver and generate immediate notifications in case of unauthorized use of the vehicle.


Notification of vandalism

The advanced feature for vandalism detection, immediately sends a notification to your mobile phone, as well as to the G4S Security Operations Center, in case of unusual activity or malicious actions being detected.


Evaluation of driving behavior

The evaluation of driving behavior is fundamental to driving safety and efficiency. It recognizes risks, improves technique, and prevents accidents. The continuous improvement of our driving, contributes to a safer road environment, protecting drivers and passengers.


success rate

How it works

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01. Violation detection  

WithU Car is programmed to recognize suspicious activity in your car, which is done without your approval.

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02. Notification 

WithU Car sends instant notifications to our Security Operations Center, as well as to you, via the G4S Mobility app.

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03. Monitoring  

Our Security Operations Center receives the alerts from the system and initiates the investigation process.

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04. Communication   

Our Security Operations Center will contact you in order to inform you and confirm the violation.

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05. Immediate intervention   

Our Security Operations Center contacts the competent authorities for immediate intervention and remains in constant communication with them.

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06. Motorbike recovery   

After your car is recovered by the relevant authorities, your car is returned to you, with almost 100% success rate!

with ucar

WithU Car
by G4S Telematix

389€ one-time cost of equipment & installation

9€ monthly subscription for:

Mobile app


24/7 Security Operations Center


Panic Button 20€

Remote Immobilization 40€

Alarm CANBus 260€

*Prices include VAT

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G4S Mobility
by G4S Telematix

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State-of-the-art cloud-based platform & mobile application

Protect your Car

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Connection with alarm

Satellite System

Satellite System 

& Global SIM 

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Route history 

Ανίχνευση Μετακίνησης

Restricted geofence 

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Remote immobilization  

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Panic Button ​

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2 year warranty

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Towing recognition

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Minimum battery consumption and voltage monitoring

We cooperate with the Best in the Industry

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