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Video Telematics 

Get Full Road Visibility

We offer a complete solution that combines GPS tracking and video recording functions, increasing the safety, security, and efficiency of your fleet, with a remarkable return on investment.

Why choose
Video Telematics?


Full Road Visibility


Real Time Location Monitoring


Responsible and Safe Driving


Reduction of Product Theft


Reduction of Insurance Premiums

For all your business needs

Specialized GPS and Video Telematics Solutions

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Full Road Visibility

For the first time, gain full visibility on the road, with customized solutions.

We provide a leading solution that focuses on the safety and efficiency of your fleet. Thanks to advanced equipment and the G4S Mobility platform, it offers real-time fleet supervision and full visibility on the road. The innovative design ensures live streaming and high resolution video recording in various weather conditions. 

Live image transmission enables remote control and immediate support, while archived footage can be used at any time for accident reports, as evidence in case of false claims, and for proper driver training.

Solution Components


Advanced Equipment

Get the complete picture of your company vehicles on the road, leveraging cameras and rich peripheral equipment.

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G4S Mobility Platform

A wealth of information, detailed statistics, instant notifications, and real-time monitoring - all on one screen.


24/7 Security Operations Center

With 24/7 supervision from our Secure Operations Center, we ensure the protection and integrity of your fleet.


Front-Facing Camera


The central Dashcam is designed to record extensive footage, essential for optimizing fleet management.

SD Memory Card


The SD memory card ensures sufficient storage space for all recordings.

Cargo Camera


Upgrade the safety of your vehicle with the additional cargo camera, which offers direct surveillance of the loading areas.

Rear-View Camera


The rear-view camera is a recommended option, designed to provide a clear view of the road behind your vehicle.

Door Sensor


Equip your system with the recommended door sensor, which automatically starts video recording every time the truck door is opened.

Panic Button

Enhance driver safety with the panic button for instant response and one-step recording activation in critical situations.

Mini Dashcam

Basic Package
Mini Dashcam
SD card (128GB)


Additional Equipment

Cargo Camera

Rear-View Camera



The subscription includes:

  • Access to the platform (web & app)

  • Global SIM card

  • Support

  • Panic Signal Monitoring Service (Optional)

Advanced Dashcam

Basic Package
Advanced Dashcam

SD card (128GB)


Additional Equipment

Cargo Camera

Rear-View Camera 

Magnetic Door Sensor
Panic button



The subscription includes:

  • Access to the platform (web & app)

  • Global SIM card

  • Support

  • Panic Signal Monitoring Service (Optional)

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It all starts with the need to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Our solution meets these challenges with unsurpassed efficiency.

Instant visibility

Get a complete picture in the field for every incident with the unique solution of Video Telematics.

Driver accountability

Record and verify the behavior of your vehicle drivers with the help of video.

Security Enhancement

Significantly reduce theft losses with improved surveillance and security.

Reduction of Claims Costs

Strengthen your position in the event of an accident and avoid false claims.

Driver training

Educating drivers for safe driving and reducing risky behaviors.

Location tracking 

See in real time the exact location of your vehicles.

G4S Mobility

State-of-the-art Cloud-Based Platform

  • Accessible from a computer or any mobile device

  • Live and archived monitoring of all vehicles on Google Maps

  • Video material management

  • Live streaming capabilities

  • Customizable and combinable notifications

  • Report statistics, with a number of predefined templates and the ability to personalize and send them automatically

  • 3-month upgrade to a new, improved version with increased performance and new features

  • 3 levels of users, with the possibility of unlimited users

Video Recording Functions

Live Video Streaming


Live streaming via G4S Mobility offers real-time access to vehicle cameras, enabling immediate surveillance of your fleet.

Local Video Recording


Local recording ensures stand-alone operation without the need for connectivity, allowing cameras to record and store footage on the built-in SD card.

Video On-Demand 


The video on-demand feature allows users to request video footage from G4S Mobility at any time during a vehicle's journey.

Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Location


Monitor live data such as vehicle location, speed and direction through the camera's built-in GPS.

Route History 

All route history for selected dates, with detailed information on mileage, driving times, stops and more.

Statistical Reports


Loads of statistical reports and charts to analyze and leverage your fleet data.

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