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Connected Lock

Safeguards your valuable cargo with cutting-edge technology and continuous connection to our 24/7 Security Operations Center. It features built-in GPS and a magnetic base that requires no installation.

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Why choose Connected Lock?


Full Access Control


Real Time Location Monitoring


Reduction of Theft


High ROI


Easy Installation

Solution Components

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Electronic Lock

Built-in GPS, unlocking with RFID cards or remotely, via the G4S Mobility platform, only by authorized personnel.

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G4S Mobility Platform

A wealth of information, detailed statistics, instant notifications, and real-time monitoring - all on one screen.

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24/7 Security Operations Center

With 24/7 supervision from our Security Operations Center, you ensure the integrity of your assets.

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The Complete Solution for the Protection of your Cargo 

The Connected Lock is an autonomous, rechargeable 4G heavy-duty lock with built-in GPS and strong magnet base that secures your cargo instantly, without installation.


It offers a complete solution for the security and management of your cargo. By using advanced technology and continuous connection to our 24/7 Security Operations Center, the Connected Lock offers maximum protection for your cargo and reduces the risk of theft. Additionally, the ability to remotely lock and unlock in real time offers you complete control from the comfort of your office.

Management of the Connected Lock is done easily through authorized cards or remotely, through our platform, while the live location display and route history ensure a complete picture of your assets. With the elimination of plastic seals and the possibility of optimizing vehicle routes, it is the ideal solution, which not only offers security but also reduces costs and plastic use.

Full Access Control

The management of the Connected Lock is simple and effective, either through authorized RFID cards or remotely through our platform, granting you full control of your cargo. With the recording of unlock points and the complete history, you gain a complete picture of the cargo's status. This comprehensive approach ensures full visibility into your assets, resulting in a smooth and effective daily routine.

Real Time Location Monitoring

The Connected Lock features the innovative capability of real-time monitoring, offering a comprehensive solution for your cargo management and security. Thanks to the built-in GPS, you can track your cargo's location live and its route history. Our Security Operations Center, staffed with experienced and qualified personnel, provides 24/7 monitoring of the cargo, emergency situation management, and effective cooperation with the relevant authorities.

Reduction of Theft

The Connected Lock provides a complete solution for theft and tampering protection. Only authorized personnel can unlock the Connected Lock using RFID cards. With the built-in lock status sensor, you can immediately detect any deviations to your cargo's security. You receive immediate notifications in case of tampering, ensuring a prompt response for the protection of your cargo.

High ROI

The Connected Lock simplifies your daily tasks by eliminating the need for manual cargo sealing and unsealing procedures, using disposable seals. By reducing the risk of theft and maintaining the integrity of your assets, it offers additional peace of mind and cost savings.

Easy Installation

The Connected Lock boasts a magnetic base that streamlines installation, eliminating the need for complex mounting procedures. Additionally, the device features a self-contained satellite unit and a large capacity 15000 mAh battery, ensuring extended operation. The integrated GPS provides precise location tracking, while the use of RFID cards for locking and unlocking the device adds security and convenience.

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Industries of Applications

The Connected Lock stands as a versatile security solution, catering to a wide range of industries and applications. It effectively safeguards devices and assets without the need for elaborate preparations or cabling.


Super Markets

The Connected Lock ensures safe and efficient operation of frequent routes with accurate GPS tracking and real-time alerts.


City Logistics / Cargo Transportation

Ensures supply chain security in urban transport by replacing plastic seals with digital control.


Container Transport

Ideal for container transport, offering full real-time monitoring and easy installation.


Customized Applications

The Connected Lock offers customized security solutions, adapting its operation to your specific needs.

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Connected Lock

  • IP67

  • 15000 mAh rechargeable battery (45 days of extended use)

  • Built-in GPS & accelerometer

  • Unlock by RFID card, or remotely

  • Rope cutting notice

  • Breach notification

Connected Lock

  • IP67

  • 4500 mAh rechargeable battery (12 days of extended use)

  • Built-in GPS & accelerometer

  • Unlock by RFID card, remotely, or by scanning a Bluetooth code

  • Rope cutting notice

  • Breach notification

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Protect your Cargo

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Notification of attempted breach

Satellite System

Satellite System 

& Global SIM 

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Route history & optimization

Ανίχνευση Μετακίνησης

Restricted geofence 

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Application to hydraulic and bi-leaf doors

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2 year warranty

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