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Truck and Warehouse

Connected Lock

Connected Lock is a smart, heavy-duty lock with built-in GPS, access control based on authorized persons, and real-time monitoring of the lock (locked/unlocked).



Full access control with RFID cards or remotely through the platform.



Live tracking of location and history of routes and locks/unlocks of assets.

Reduce Costs


Eliminate manual processes of sealing and unsealing cargo with single-use seals.


Gain complete control and visibility over your assets, for a smoother and more productive day-to-day.

Trucks Parked In Line
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G4S Mobility on Desktop, Tablet and Smartphone


Gain complete visibility into the status and performance of your assets with live data streaming and easy-to-use reports.

Reduce Costs

Drastically reduce the risk of theft while keeping your assets intact

Container Ship
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Solution Components

Portable tracking unit


Asset 105.png

RFID cards

Magnetic mount

Magnetic mount

Untitled design (2).png
Wireless charging

Remote control

Lighter charging

Large battery 1500 mAh

Door status sensors

Lock status sensor

Our platform
G4S Mobility

State-of-the-art cloud-based platform & mobile application for complete transparency of your asset usage.

G4S Mobility Table and Smartphone
24/7 Secure Operations Center G4S Telematix

Secure Operations Center

  • Staffed 24/7 with certified operators


  • Accepts and manages incidents


  • In constant cooperation with local authorities


  • All this 24/7/365

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