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What does it mean to be a G4S Telematix partner?

Our partners promote our solutions in the fields of logistics, automotive and people, achieving the expansion of their subscription base, as well as the sustainability of their customer base. Bringing more customers will change your status accordingly, ensuring greater profits.


As our partner, you will have access to


  • Training in our technological solutions, continuous support and extensive educational material

  • Specially designed sales training based on your needs, so that together we can achieve maximum market penetration

  • Customer management platforms for the full digitization of the contract process and subscription renewal

  • Promotional material and support in the design of digital actions to create leads and increase your sales

Become a G4S Telematix Partner
The value of becoming a G4S Telematix Partner

Why become a G4S Telematix partner?

We have more than 20 years of international experience in providing telematics solutions and cross-border surveillance and response services to the industries of Logistics, Automotive and People. We support multiple markets and customer types with leading solutions and constantly invest in new technologies and our people.

Working with a market leader means quick recognition and access to long-standing experience in the telematics and mobility market. The demand for these technological solutions is currently experiencing a phenomenal rise, with a forecast for continuous growth in the coming years.

We will work together to design your business plan with the goal of growing together. At the same time, our commitment to you is long-term, so the bigger your customer base, the bigger your profits.

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