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construction workers with safety measures applied and gps tracking unit and panic button

G4S WithU Pro.

Take care of and protect the driving force of your business, your people.


The unique combination of satellite equipment, platform and 24/7 response services in case of emergency, make the G4S WithU Pro the ideal solution for people working in dangerous or isolated environments.



Immediate response in case of an incident so you'll be there for your people.



For those who need it most, your people in the field.



Increase your safety standards and reduce your business risk

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We help keep your people safe, so you can be close to them even if they are far away.

g4s mobility on tablet and smartphone
dangerous jobs in need for protection and gps tracker for safety


Cultivate a sense of security for your people who need it most, those who work in dangerous or isolated places.

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Reduce the risk to your employees and therefore to your business by enhancing corporate safety and hygiene standards.

workers wearing helmets and jackets applying safety protocols

Solution Components.

Panic Button

Panic Button

Fall Detection
Fall Detection
Solution Components.
Routing to the scene of the incident

Routing to the scene of the incident

5 speed dial contacts
5 speed dial contacts

The platform

G4S Mobility

State-of-the-art cloud-based platform & mobile application to easily monitor and protect your people.

g4s telematix mobility platform
g4s telematix secure operations center control room
  • Staffed 24/7 with certified operators
  • Accepts and manages incidents
  • In constant cooperation with relevant local authorities
  • All this 24/7/365

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