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Control room of G4S telematix secure operations center

G4S 24/7
Secure Operations Center (SOC)

The human element and the immediate response that make the difference


We never sleep. We are the first to know.
We are there for you 24/7/365

State-of-the-art infrastructure

The alarm management platform receives and analyzes each event for direct handling by operators.

Global security standards

Our infrastructure, procedures and services are designed based on the strictest market standards (EN50518)

Certified by the market leaders

Our SOC is one of the 4 approved Supervision Centers in Europe from the leading manufacturers of high-value goods.

24/7/365 secure operations center with operators

G4S 24/7 Secure Operations Center

The human element and immediate reaction that make the difference

Knowledge of the potential dangers is one thing. But knowing how to respond to them is a completely different matter.


Our trained operators respond promptly and effectively to hundreds of cases each week, and know not only how to handle a case quickly but also how to work with local authorities.

We respond to any incident in seconds and handle it until its resolution, keeping you and your people safe and informed.

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