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Secure Rent a Car and Leasing Solution

Secure Rent-A-Car & Leasing

The award-winning solution for the protection and management of a fleet of rental and leasing vehicles that combines

  • Advanced telematics systems

  • The G4S Mobility platform

  • 24/7 Secure Operations Center

Reduce thefts & embezzlements.

Instant notification in cases of attempted theft or misuse. Our 24/7 Secure Operations Center will manage the incident until your vehicle is returned to your hands, drastically reducing vehicle losses and their management costs.

Theft attempt reduction percentage
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stolen car

Identify harmful use.

Immediately identify cases of dangerous driving or operation of the vehicle outside the terms of the contract (eg off-road or different country).

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Manage fleet maintenance & costs.

Centrally manage maintenance and oversee vehicle and hire costs. In addition, automated alerts will help you complete all tasks on time (ex tire changes, insurance renewals, services, etc).

expenses maintenance software
G4S Mobility on laptop and tablet

Create added value for your customers.

G4S Mobility's flexible APIs allow it to easily interface with third-party systems and create added value for you and your customers. From smarter vehicle availability management to automatic roadside assistance dispatch when it is needed. 

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Solution Components.

Satellite System
Driver Identification & Immobilization
Smart Alarm
Solution Components.

Smart Alarm

Driver Identification & Immobilization

Satellite System

Remote immobilization

Remote immobilization

Panic Button

Panic Button

The platform
G4S Mobility

State-of-the-art cloud-based platform & mobile application to stay connected with your fleet 24/7.

G4S Mobilitu platform on tablet and smartphone
14761_CCTV command centre at New York Ci

Secure Operations Center

  • Staffed 24/7 with certified operators
  • Accepts and manages incidents
  • In constant cooperation with local authorities
  • All this 24/7/365

Have you already invested in satellite devices and peripherals? No problem, our platform already supports all the devices of the biggest manufacturers.

Through the flexible API of G4S Mobility we can connect it with your existing infrastructure (CRM, ERP etc.), for easy and uninterrupted data transfer and an easier everyday life.

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