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G4S Telematix Pioneering Enhanced Security and Fleet Efficiency with the New Video Telematics Solution

Updated: Jun 14

Vehicle cameras are the next crucial step in upgrading cutting-edge companies. 

G4S Telematix, a leading telematics provider with a strong presence in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, introduces its new revolutionary Video Telematics solution. With its specialized vehicle cameras, it offers customized solutions that meet the unique needs of high-growth businesses, providing unprecedented visibility on the road, for the first time.

G4S Video Telematics is the premier solution that focuses on the safety and efficiency of vehicle fleets such as trucks, tankers, buses, and other commercial vehicles. With its advanced equipment and the G4S Mobility platform, it offers real-time fleet monitoring, while enabling remote control and immediate support when needed. In addition, the archived footage can be used for accident reports, as evidence in case of false claims, and for advanced driver training.

The new Video Telematics solution covers a wide range of equipment, including the main Dashcam, cargo and rearview cameras, memory card, door sensor, and panic button. Installation inside the vehicle is simple and does not require specialized knowledge.

G4S Mobility is a state-of-the-art cloud-based platform, accessible from a computer or mobile device, which provides live vehicle monitoring as well as valuable archived footage. It offers automated and customized alerts, as well as a plethora of analytical statistics for effective fleet management.

The integrated panic button connects to the G4S Secure Operations Center, which receives all alerts and manages emergencies 24/7. In collaboration with the relevant authorities, the experienced and well-trained staff ensures the immediate response to any threat or danger.

G4S Telematix is a pioneer in providing advanced security and technology solutions, offering innovative services that ensure the security and efficiency of businesses.



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