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Found and recovered Yamaha TMAX in less than an hour!

Unfortunately, during the last period, there has been a continuous increase in thefts of motorcycles and vehicles within and outside of Attica!

A few days ago, a brand new Yamaha TMAX Tech Max was the target of theft in the area of ​​P. Faliro.

However, the bike was equipped with the WithU Moto solution, and the immediate actions of the 24/7 G4S Telematix Security Center and the Hellenic Police helped to locate and recover the bike quickly.

Read the recent incident experience as described by our client:

"At 05:30 in the morning, I was awakened by a call from the Central Station for a signal of motorcycle movement with the engine off. I immediately went out on the balcony and confirmed that the motorcycle was in the hands of thefts, who were pushing it away from my house.

The Central Station operator, for my own safety, urged me not to follow or approach the thieves and took charge of contacting the Hellenic Police to retrieve my motorcycle. By 6:17, my bike had been recovered by the Hellenic Police."

Protect your motorcycle today!

See more about the solution with active protection that helped to recover the motorcycle immediately:

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