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Another Successful Recovery of a Motorcycle (BMW R 1250 GS ADVENTURE) after its Theft in Sepolia.

Updated: Jun 27

An additional success story is written by G4S WithU Moto.

We proudly announce the recovery of a BMW R 1250 GS ADVENTURE TRIPLE BLACK Motorcycle, which had our G4S WithU Moto system integrated, after its installation by our partner BMW Motorrad Sfakianakis on 12/7/23.

Event Description

On 16/11/23, at 2:38, we began receiving towing signals from our client's motorcycle. Our immediate response and repeated calls woke him up at 2:50, just a few minutes before confirming the theft.

He was immediately informed about the incident and, looking from his balcony in Sepolia (Attica), confirmed the loss of his motorcycle and called the police.

The police found the motorcycle around 3:00, simultaneously with our information, as the two perpetrators were moving it by pushing it with the help of another motorcycle, 300 meters from the N. Heraklion police station, where they proceeded to the arrest of one of the two perpetrators.

Our client picked up his motorcycle at 16:53 from the station and, due to the damages caused during the theft, transported it to the BMW Motorrad Sfakianakis garage.

Key Points

Our client expressed his satisfaction and gratitude concerning, the G4S WithU Moto System, our incident management center's immediacy in response, our persistence in calls, and the swift handling of the incident that contributed to the positive outcome of the motorcycle recovery.

We want to thank our client for his trust and express our pride in contributing to the positive outcome of the recovery of his vehicle.


The G4S WithU Moto System, closely connected to the people of our 24/7/365 Security Operations Center, continues to stand out for its effectiveness, reliability, and speed, marking more and more success stories.

G4S Telematix is here to provide you with security and peace of mind. With the G4S WithU Moto System, we assure you that you will have all the tools you need to protect your investment.


Useful Information: Authorized installer of G4S WithU Moto | G4S Telematix, BMW Motorrad Sfakianakis (Facebook | Instagram | Website).



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