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Innovation for the Protection of Individuals in Need

We are proud of our collaboration with "The Smile of the Child," a voluntary, non-profit organization, to implement a technological solution aimed at the protection and tracking of individuals in need.

On Friday, 31/5/2024, "The Smile of the Child" was featured on Angeliki Nikolouli's show "Light in the Tunnel," where our specially designed solution was presented live. This innovation includes special devices/ watches that provide crucial capabilities for responding promptly in emergency situations.

Key features of our devices:

  • Panic button: Two-way communication with the Coordination Center of "The Smile of the Child."

  • Real-time tracking: Monitoring the device on the G4S Mobility map.

  • Fall detection: Automatic notification in case of a fall of the person wearing the device.

  • Geofencing: Alerts when the individual moves out of a predefined area.

With the assistance of the staff at the Coordination Center of "The Smile of the Child," who we have thoroughly trained, the above functionalities of the devices were presented.

At G4S Telematix, we are dedicated to developing technological solutions for the protection of people, as well as private and corporate assets.

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