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Sailing Towards Success

G4S Telematix Supports the Prestigious Posidonia Cup for Another Year

G4S Telematix is proud to announce its support to the prestigious Posidonia Cup sailing event, once again providing the telematics system to track the boats' progress in real time during the race.

A dedicated team of experienced and specialized technicians has been formed for the smooth operation of the project. Advanced technology devices and high-level programming were combined to design the special platform, ensuring reliable and secure tracking of the boats' progress during the race.

Through the Global Satellite Positioning System (GPS), the telematics unit receives all the parameters that determine the position and movement of the boats, and provides live tracking of the boats' route on a specially designed website, which will be available to the general public on the day of the race.

This event is expected to bring together the elite of international shipping on May 31st, in the historic Saronic Gulf, where old and new friends will meet for a unique sailing experience.

G4S Telematix invites you to join this exciting event and unite with the global shipping community for an unforgettable adventure on the waves!



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