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Early Intervention & Theft Prevention | BMW R 1250 GS ADVENTURE | Rentis - MOTION & STYLE

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

In vehicle recovery, particularly concerning stolen assets, prompt action is paramount.

A recent incident exemplifies this principle, where the G4S WithU Moto system, employing advanced technology and our 24/7 Secure Operations Center, facilitated the return of a BMW R 1250 GS ADVENTURE to its owner in a mere 5 minutes.

On March 6, 2023, at 20:57, one of our customers, equipped with the G4S WithU Moto system, installed by our authorized partner MOTION 'N STYLE on his BMW R 1250 GS ADVENTURE, received a vehicle movement alert while the motorcycle engine was off. Swiftly responding, he rushed to its parking location, encountering perpetrators attempting theft. His prompt intervention deterred the thieves, successfully preventing the theft as they fled the scene.

Merely five minutes post-motion detection, the vehicle was securely reclaimed by its owner

This incident underscores the pivotal role of instant notification and response in theft prevention.

The G4S WithU Moto system is a comprehensive tool essential for safeguarding your investment.


Useful Information: G4S WithU Moto Authorized Installer | G4S Telematix, MOTION 'N STYLE (Facebook | Website).


Click here to know more about our product (G4S WithU Moto)

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