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Technology to the Business Rescue!

On 23/1/2023, an electricity company's professional pickup truck was stolen at 23:53 in the city of Thessaloniki. The truck was loaded with heavy equipment and tools the company needed for their operations the following day.

At the moment of the incident, our 24/7 Secure Operations Center verified the incident with the company's fleet manager. The security procedures were initiated with the immediate call and cooperation of the Police to locate the vehicle.

Fortunately, the electricity company had recently installed the Secure Fleet Management solution in all of their vehicles and this pickup truck. The immediate activation of the recovery mode of the GPS tracking system supported the Police with accurate and live coordinates throughout the recovery procedure. The Police was able to pursue and locate the truck and recover it at 00:40 in a rural area outside of the city.

Thanks to the immediate actions by the Police and the 24/7 Secure Operations Center, the electricity company's truck was recovered with minimal losses, and the valuable equipment and tools were all still present. The company could go about its operations as planned the following day with a slight delay without any other hiccups.

This incident is a prime example of how an efficient, secure fleet management solution can provide value to businesses by allowing them to recover their stolen assets quickly.

This story shows how GPS tracking solutions with a 24/7 Secure Operations Center can help businesses operate with peace of mind knowing that their assets are protected and can be recovered quickly in the event of a theft.

Protect your business assets today!

The solution that saved the day:

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