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Securing Your Mobility

by monitoring people and assets on the move.


Optimize, monitor and protect all stages of your supply chain.


Monitor & protect your vehicles with the latest telematics technology.


Advanced technology to keep your people safe.


Optimize, monitor and protect all stages of your supply chain.

We ensure the safe transport of your products at all stages of the supply chain, from production to the final delivery point.

Improved fleet management, drivers and cargo safety and insightful data collection allowing for process automation and better decision making.

Portable monitoring and protection solution for the assets that are the driving force of your business

Real-time monitoring of your refrigerators/storage areas and their content, for easy compliance with standards and reduction of loses.

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Protect your vehicles and passengers with the latest telematics technology.

The award-winning solution for the protection and management of a fleet of rental & leased vehicles

Location-based services for stolen vehicle tracking and emergency response for the automotive industry

The market-leading and modular solution for the security and safety of your car and passengers.

Non-invasive installation and the 24/7 Secure Operations Center make this the ideal solution to protect your motorcycle from theft.

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Advanced technology to care for and keep your people safe

Take care and protect the driving force of your business, your people, 24/7/365.

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Secure Operations Center

The immediate and professional response that make the difference


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